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Drill Press Awareness and Reminder

It is required for companies that heavily utilize power tools to train their employees the proper ways to use them. The potential hazards and issues that come with power tools can be severe if the tools are not handled in a proper manner. A study conducted by the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission showed that over 2,500 people received hospital treatment from drill press injuries. Even though you’re not someone who’s required to work with these heavy tools each day, if you’re handling one even for at least a moment, you’ll need to be aware of the rules in handling these tools.

Larger drill machines like bench drill press machines require more awareness during operation. Bench drill press machines have two types which are the drill press floor or drill press stand. But no matter which, understanding the procedures of handling them is important. There have been cases where users have suffered from extensive injuries that mostly includes hand injuries. Large power tools generate a lot of force driven by the electric motor used to power up the drill bit, which will be used to bore circular cuts into tough surfaces.  A cut received from these drills is undeniably painful and would leave a large scar behind.

Like cars with seat belts, oven and oven mitts, use clothing that will protect your fingers and eyes from any possible injuries that may happen during a drilling procedure. Make sure to at least have eye protection, proper working gloves, shoes that won’t slip under your step. Remember, safety is the number one priority when working with these tools and these rules have been applied to professionals who are required to work with power tools on a daily basis.