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Global MU Online’ Changes Subscription Model

Beneath the Free2Play version initiated by K2 Network, players can download and play with full versions of this name entirely free. Users have the choice to access improved gameplay such as extensive in-game occasions, new things and unlimited customer care on the Pay2Play version.

We’re dedicated to moving the business away from the concept that gamers should be made to purchase games in retail and be shackled to monthly obligations,” explained Bob Drobish, Director of Operations, K2 Network. “Our Free2Play and Pay2Play version is the acceptable solution. Gamers should just pay when they’re getting a high degree of quality and pleasure.”

Even the Pay2Play community supports K2 Network’s creation of a better game encounter including matters like new attributes and in-game occasions.

Together with the commercialization, many new occasion maps are added. Blood Castle includes a range of celestial weapons as well as the debut of Archangel in addition to new monsters. The ones that live are rewarded with the experience bonus along with the prestige of mastering the map

Later this summer K2 Network intends to present Castle Siege and Cry Wolf; including new maps, a fortress, castle invasions, fresh combatant mounts, new creatures, new abilities, new things to equip and also the accession of this Lord’s Mix.

Castle Siege is among the most expected improvements. This large-scale conflict event puts around 1,600 users in four groups to fight for the Lord’s Castle. The victorious alliance increases possession of this castle, letting them tax the community and usage of their Lord’s Mix, a system which lets them create brand new products.

This upgrade is mainly intending to upgrade a master ability tree of melee-attack personality’Rage Fighter’. Meanwhile, the doppelganger event renewal, yet another portion of Season 6-3 upgrade, will be carried out in ancient 2012 as an extra patch.

The Rage Fighter’s master ability is categorized into three trees (Spirit, Will, and Destruction) and, as with other classes, present skills could be advanced together with the chosen tree.

Soon after the upgrade, retains unprecedentedly huge castle siege occasion on Christmas Day and prepares for particular events such as 200 percent EXP Boost and invite to Santa Village in celebration of Christmas.

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