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How To Fix a Broken Key

The possibility of salvaging a broken key is incredibly determinant on how it broke in the first place. While many people might suggest trying to tape them together, most of the times, this wouldn’t work as the locking mechanism may read the keys as having different types of grooves from the tape. So how do you actually fix a broken key and do you really have to make a new one in the end?

Having your key broken inside the lock is one of the most common ways a key can break. This could be due to unnecessary use of brute force, or the key is already old and brittle for a long period of time. However, even as key qualities changed from old brass to stronger metals like nickel silver, they can still break under immense amounts of unnecessary pressure. If you’ve managed to get the remaining portion of your broken key out of the lock, you’ll need to send them to a locksmith or a keysmith at your local hardware store to piece them back into a new key. Mending a broken key together by yourself is not the way to do it and you may risk trying to get it back out of the keyhole again. Therefore, replacing your key and getting a key copy is the best solution for a key that has been snapped in half.

Not sure as to where you can find a keysmith? There are plenty of hardware stores that offer the same service of duplicating your keys and provide locksmithing services. But if you’re looking for something more convenient, has just what you need to create a key copy near me and you.