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Picking the Right Colors for Your Explainer Video

This is really a negative effect in our caveman times when colors really played a major part in survival. It had been an important life skill to understand which color berries have been safe to consume and which types of creatures were. Dangerous. Even now, certain colors make us feel certain things that are the reason why you will discover particular colors constantly connected with another item.

The number of fast food chains use yellow and red due to their logos. That is because we associate the color yellow with rate and happiness along with the color red can activate stimulation, for example appetite. It could sound far-fetched but it is the reason for so many businesses employing these very same colors.

The color you choose for your explainer movie will be dependent on the sort of message you are searching to get across. Read more about what different colors communicate to locate the most suitable choice for the explainer video.


We correlate white with cleanliness and hygiene. Too much white however can remind folks of hospitals that is not typically a happy institution.


Black may be risky as it could be related to boldness and restrain or it may be related to sophistication. It depends mostly on the plan and other colors are used.


Red is the color of electricity. It creates strong stimulation and feelings so should be used properly as an eye grabber.


Blue is reddish’s reverse. It produces a feeling of calm and trusting, particularly when light and dark is utilized collectively. That’s the reason why so many banks use the color blue.


As you may guess, green leaves us think of balance and nature. It’s the ideal color to communicate a message of wellness, particularly when blended with orange.


Pink is often related to femininity and provides a calming effect. It is most often used for goods which are targeted exclusively toward girls.


it’s suited to products looking to convey a concept of pleasure and youthfulness.


Grey may be connected with boredom but obtaining the ideal tone or mix can turn this color to some message of whatever from professionalism to comfort.


We combine purple with spirituality, relaxation and meditation that is why it’s a widely used color in aromatherapy products.


Brown is also a fantastic choice to black because it is quite severe but at a more soothing manner. It is also connected with warmth and nature and may be effective when used properly.

Color choice is one of the most significant variables when it comes to about clients on a psychological level. Explainer video companies will help you discover the best color combinations to match your company and communicate your message in the best way possible.